Emergency Medical Services 

Central Carolina Advanced Life Support (CCALS) is the sole provider of Emergency Medical Services for Lee County. This hospital owned and operated EMS Service operates three paramedic level ambulances 24 hours a day seven days a week. There is an additional Prime-Time Paramedic Unit that operates Monday–Friday 9:30hrs-18:00hrs. CCALS ambulances are all staffed with Advanced Life Support certified medical personnel. Our top priority is an immediate response to a variety of medical and trauma related emergencies once dispatched through our local 911 call center and to provide the best clinical care possible to our patients. Once on scene, our caring and well trained personnel provide a swift, yet detailed medical evaluation and treatment followed by ambulance transport to CCH with continued care and assessment throughout transport. Central Carolina Advanced Life Support is certified by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services as a Licensed Ambulance Provider and as a Certified Teaching Institute. CCALS maintains the highest level of education and credentials for our medical personnel through continuous hands-on training and continuing education courses taught through our own state certified teaching program and through a variety of outsourced programs. All Paramedics are required to maintain American Heart Association certifications, BLS, ACLS, and PALS in addition to their state certification. We have many certified instructors within our organization as well as Certified Critical Care Paramedics and National Registered Paramedics.

Central Carolina Advanced Life Support is located at 1218 Central Drive, directly across from Central Carolina Hospital.

Central Carolina Advanced Life Support is equipped with 7 Ambulances, 2 quick response/utility vehicles and 1 Bariatric Ambulance.

Director: Jonathan Kelly (919) 774-2865
Quality Manager: Michael Sperico (919) 708-4682
Operations Manager: Timothy Simmons (919) 708-4669
Operations Supervisor: (919) 775-2514 
Crew Quarters: (919) 774-2893  

If you need immediate medical care, call 911. The Emergency Medical Dispatcher’s (EMD’s) will ask you a series of questions to obtain as much information for the responding unit as possible. EMD’s can also provide instructions for CPR, hemorrhage control, etc…..You should try to have as much information about the patient as you can. An EMS Unit will be dispatched for emergencies after the address and call-back number is confirmed. There is not a delay in emergency response by answering the EMD’s questions. Other Telecommunicator’s are on staff to assist during emergency calls.